About Southern Cross Conference and Event Management Pty Ltd

Southern Cross Conference and Event Management Pty Ltd is a professional organisation specialising in the management of conferences and events Australia wide and in New Zealand in the higher education sector.

Our objective is to work with our clients to deliver the best possible outcome for their event, whether it is a small meeting for 20 or a large conference of over 200 delegates. Our networks are well established with many bureaus, conferencing venues, accommodation houses and tourist operators with whom we have working relationships.

For each event we appoint a lead Professional Conference Organiser (PCO).  The PCO works as part of the conference organising committee in the planning of the event and is then present on site during the event.

Our services can include management of:

  • On line Registrations (via our preferred supplier Conference Online)
  • Budget including accounting for all income and expenses
  • Keynote Speakers (confirmations, travel, accommodation)
  • Venue (inspections, booking and full liaison)
  • Sponsorship (procurement, invoicing and liaison)
  • Conference Collateral including name badges, program booklet and promotional materials

Upon our appointment we start work with the committee to assure key dates are planned and budgets are prepared for all aspects of the event.  Our standard deposit fee is only up to 20% of our quoted fixed minimum fee followed by an interim payment at six months prior to an event and a final payment no later than 30 days after an event.

Julie Burton at Southern Cross Conference and Event Management Pty Ltd has an outstanding reputation for excellence in the management of academic, university association and higher education conferences since 1995 when she managed the first Australian World Wide Web Conference (AusWeb).

More recently skills and tasks have encompassed sports sponsorship including sponsorship management for Olympic Gold Medallist, Men’s Laser Sailing, Tom Burton. http://www.australiansailing.org/team-members/tom-burton/

Julie Burton is the manager of the professional conference management service at Southern Cross Conference and Event Management Pty Ltd.  Prior to this she was the key personnel at Norsearch Limited at Southern Cross University for 19 years (1994 to 2013) where she was involved in the professional management of events such as;

  • AusWeb series of conferences (1995 to 2008)
  • National Conference on University Governance 2001 – 2016
  • Universities Australia,  Senior Administrative Staff Conference 2002-2008
  • Australasian University Safety Association (AUSA) 2009 – 2017
  • National Conference on Acid Sulfate Soil (2012 and 2014)

Julie’s particular experience is in the management of academic conferences and workshops with over 270 events managed since 1994.

Julie holds a Diploma in Teaching (Cowan), a Graduate Diploma in Communication Management (UTS) and a Master’s in Education, Training and Development (SCU).  Julie is also a Member of the Professional Conference Organisers Association.

Email: julie@burtonco.com.au

Phone: 0408 66 4053

PCO - Member AU LS 2018


Helicopter arrival at Queenstown, 14th June 2014.

Helicopter Arrivals by Julie Burton

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